We miss you so much, but we will meet again. Unfortunately, your life was too short but you will always be in our hearts. You were a super mom and a real cozy girl even if you were quite modest and considerate.

Neither the veterinarian or we understood what was wrong with her. She was examined several times, the values was checked, they tested for diseases, radiology and ultrasound examination, but none showed anything wrong. She continued to lean in spite of that she began to eat and drink again. We gave extra nutrition and food, but nothing helped. Finally, just before Christmas, so we decided together with the veterinarian that now it was enough, and you could also see that she had given up.

The day before Christmas Eve, she was put to sleep. We wanted to know what was wrong and if it was something hereditary or contagious, so we decided to do an autopsy on Lime.

The autopsy showed that the case of death was fatty liver syndrome. The cause is unknown and it is not contagious or hereditary. If we had been able to diagnose early, we maybe had a small chance to save Lime by force feding her manually and / or with the probe for a very long time. The only question is how this would have affected her mentally .... not for the better in all cases, because of the type of cat she was.

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